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Media news

For print
January 31, 2015

Second stage of sale to start on 12 February

Launch of the second phase of tickets sale coming soon

Three months after the start of the ticket sale for the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the second phase is just about to begin.

This will allow fans to buy tickets for particular games.

The launch of the second phase is set for 12 February at 13:00. Tickets will be available for sale via internet, at Sazka terminals and at both arenas that will host the tournament – O2 arena in Prague and CEZ Arena in Ostrava.

“The first stage of the ticket sale confirmed that we are organizing a very special event –we sold 328 585 tickets in three months, which is 45 percent of all available tickets,”said Marketa Sterbova, 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Organizing Committee General Secretary.

The first stage started on 4 November and, after only five hours, all available packages with any of the Czech team's games in a preliminary round were booked. During the autumn, the 2015 IIHF WM Organizing Committee released the tickets from unapplied reservations back for online sale.

In the second stage, individual tickets will be sold for particular games. Should tickets reserved for tournament partners become available, the 2015 IIHF WM OC will release these tickets to the sale channels.

Due to a limited number of available tickets, there will be a limit for purchase of 10 tickets per person during sales at O2 arena and CEZ Arena.

The 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will take place in the Czech Republic from 1 – 17 May.

The ticket prices for single preliminary round games range from CZK 190 (€ 7) to CZK 1,690 (€ 61). The quarter-final games are priced in two categories: CZK 2,390 (€ 86) and CZK 2,990 (€ 107).

The prices of tickets for the remaining playoff round games (O2 arena) are as follows: semi-finals - CZK 4,690 (€ 168) and CZK 5,790 (€ 208); bronze medal game CZK 4,290 (€ 154) and CZK 5,390 (€ 194); gold medal game CZK 7,190 (€ 258) and CZK 8,990 (€ 323). Note: The amounts in EUR are INDICATIVE only. Tickets must be paid in CZK.

Full details about ticket prices can be found at the official website of the championship www.iihfworlds2015.com


The transition to the second stage of the ticket sale will be done according this schedule:

10 February, 22:00: The process of booking packages online and claiming them at Sazka terminals will end. Purchases with online payment will remain available.

11 February, 22:00: All methods of purchasing tickets (via internet or Sazka terminals) will be temporarily stopped.

12 February, 13:00: All sales channels will be launched again.

  • both venues: O2 arena in Prague and CEZ Arena in Ostrava
  • Sazka terminals
  • online (www.sazkaticket.cz)



Individual orders

• In the Czech Republic
- sales locations: Sazka terminals, O2 arena, CEZ Arena
- online at www.sazkaticket.cz 
a) order via Internet, booking a reservation, payment at the terminal
b) order via Internet, paying immediately via credit card (tickets will be mailed by post or self-printed = e-ticket) 

• From abroad 
- online 
order via Internet, paying immediately via credit card (tickets will be mailed by post or or self-printed = e-ticket)

Group orders

• in the Czech Republic or from abroad
- at the Customer Centre through an order form which is available at the Sazka Ticket website under "Customer Care"
- Payment only with a bank transfer, 3 days within the Czech Republic, 5 days from abroad
- Considering the low number of available tickets for games involving the Czech national team, group orders for those games will not be accepted.

Hospitality program 
- 1st category tickets + hospitality program
- Information at http://viphospitality2015.cslh.cz

Source: IIHF.