Junior U20 Team

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Belarus U-20 Team was founded in 1992. It took the team three attempts to get to group "C" of the world championship through the qualifying tournaments in 1994. Three years later our U-20 Team was promoted to group "B". Having won the tournament in 1997, Belarus U-20 Team promoted to the elite division of the world championships, but failed to strengthen its position in the top 10, having relegated next year. Since then Belarus U-20 Team periodically moved up and down between the two divisions until 2006/2007 season, when Belarus played in the top last time. Since 2007/2008 the team is desperately trying to make a comeback to the top-10.

The best result at the U-20 IIHF WM — 9th place in 2001 and 2002.

In December 2014 Belarus U 20 participated in U-20 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Division I Group A in Asiago, Italy. Belarussians won all the games and were promoted to the Top 10 U20 teams.

In season 2015/2016 all the best players born in 1996 and 1997 were accumulated in one team which became the basic preparatory platform for Belarus U20 team - HC Dinamo U20. New club is a member of Belarusian Extraleague. In October 2015 Belarus U20 was headed by Alexander Belyavski who previously coached Latvian national ice hockey team.