2012/2013 season

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The Team’s official start of the season was the Olympic qualification.

Unfortunately, the team failed to fulfill the task of promotion to the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. In the final Olympic qualification in Vojens, Denmark (7-10 February), which featured Teams Denmark, Belarus, Slovenia and Ukraine, Belarus occupied only 2nd place behind the unexpected winners – Team Slovenia. 

The starting game of the tournament Belarus vs Slovenia turned out to be deciding. Belarus lost to their opponents with the score 2:4. The following two victories over teams Ukraine 6:0 and Denmark 3:2 were just a small consolation, while Slovenia defeated the hosts Team Denmark in their second game – 2:1 thus making it to Sochi and then Team Ukraine – 6:1.

Before the 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship team Belarus played a series of exhibition games within the Euro Hockey Challenge tournament. Team Belarus defeated team Germany twice in Minsk and Soligorsk (5-6 April) - 4:3 SO, 4:2, then shared victories with teams Slovakia in Zhlobin and Bobruisk (12-13 April) - 0:3, 4:3 and Latvia in Riga (19-20 April) - 3:0, 1:4.

On April 26-28 Belarus took part in “Slovakia Cup” in Bratislava, where the team became the Cup holder, having defeated teams Slovakia (3:2) and Norway (4:3) on shootouts.


Calendar of the national ice-hockey team Belarus for 2012-2013 season: 

13-16 December - International tournament in Arosa, Switzerland. Participants: Switzerland, Belarus, Norway, Slovakia.

7-10 February - final Olympic qualification in Vojens, Denmark. Participants: Denmark, Belarus, Slovenia, Ukraine.

April - series of friendlies within the framework of "European Hockey Challenge":

5-6 April - friendlies with Germany in Belarus.

12-13 April - friendlies with Slovakia in Belarus.

19-20 April - friendlies with Latvia in Riga, Latvia.

25-27 April - "Slovakia Cup" in Bratislava (Slovakia). Participants: Belarus, Slovakia, Norway.

2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship was held on 3-19 May in Sweden (Stockholm) and Finland (Helsinki). Team Belarus played in group S based in Stockholm also featuring teams Czech Republic, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and Slovenia. Belarus occupied 7th place in the group (14th in overall standings) and failed to promote to the quarterfinals.

03.05.2013. Belarus - Czech Republic - 0:2.
05.05.2013. Belarus - Slovenia - 4:3.
06.05.2013. Belarus - Sweden - 1:2.
10.05.2013. Belarus - Canada - 1:4.
11.05.2013. Belarus - Norway - 1:3.
13.05.2013. Belarus - Denmark - 2:3.
14.05.2013. Belarus - Switzerland - 1:4.

2013 IIHF WM - results, statistics